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Individual education has become an integral part of the modern learning process. Educational platform “Knowledge. no ”is a site for pupils and students, teachers and parents, which makes the educational process accessible, modern and simple. This is a territory not only of knowledge, but also of actual models of success, practical skills that meet modern trends.

How does the “Knowledge. not"? Educational XUB, allows you to receive knowledge from tutors in a convenient format and time. This is an opportunity to provide tutoring services for both professional teachers and people who want to earn extra money, manage their time and their own business. On the site, everyone will find a highly qualified teacher in school and academic disciplines, foreign languages ​​and IT technologies (computer science). Future Mendeleevs and Sikorsky will be able to gain knowledge on unique techniques for the development of logic, memory, and oral counting. Also, if you are a teacher with experience or a successful student, you can offer your services:
· In writing design work;
· In the provision of tutoring services;
· In preparation for UPE or admission to a university.

What else can be found on the site?

In addition to tutoring and educational services, the portal provides an opportunity to gain knowledge in language and various innovative schools and camps, as well as take part in master classes, seminars, and olympiads. For teachers, we provide the opportunity to express themselves by participating in trainings, forums and conferences.
The platform provides online educational courses. These are language courses, classes in school subjects, master classes for future culinary and art. We give everyone the opportunity to get quality distance learning in a convenient way.

The advantages of our portal

• A large base of qualified tutors in Ukraine, CIS countries and abroad with the most affordable price range. These are professionals in both school and academic disciplines.
• The rating of teachers is based on real student feedback.
• The ability to control the learning process by parents using the student’s office and video recordings.
• Convenient search for prices, locations, disciplines.
• Convenient study for the teacher and for the student.
• Opportunity to express themselves to the teacher and constantly improve their skills.
• Form and consolidate skills and abilities with the help of various master classes, trainings, forums.
• Our resource will provide knowledge from teachers of innovative schools in different countries.
• The site provides a selection of educational lectures, textbooks, video lessons.

It is important to find a specialist who will convey knowledge. Our resource helps to solve this problem.

We invite professionals in the field of education to cooperate.

Find your "guide" in the world of knowledge, write a message to him and start training now.

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Customer reviews about our tutors
Интересно проводит занятия. Сын занимается с радостью. Виден результат работы. Рекомендую.
Юлия Тонких
Очень довольна репетитором. Видит в каждом ученике личность, требовательна, доброжелательна. Отличный профессионал, ответственна. Рекомендую.
Ольга Бойко
Отличный репетитор и профессионал. Обучение в доступной форме, грамотно и понятно. Очень довольна.
Лариса Покотун